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Anoura Life

Anoura leads the trend, but also focuses on improving the quality of life
Together with you, Anoura will help to create your own space and find a sense of belonging and comfort and warmth as being part of the family.

We use the first-class goose down filling, to meet customer's
demand for excellence in quality.
We use soft and durable exquisite fine cotton cover, super soft.

The super fine surface gives warm kisses to your skin
The application of special down-proof process not only makes
our products have superb down proof results,
but also traps body heat much better and locks the warmth.

Our products are specially designed to meet
the high requirements of customers,
they have combined all advanced technologies
of German bedding makers
We use the first-class goose down filling,
We use super soft cover and pure white Canada goose down,

Top quality goose down wrapped with finest cotton cover by careful sewing
This well-known pure natural Siberian goose down has
the incomparable softness and strength
Our products are all made with 100% finest cotton with top quality
goose down filling to meet clients’ demand for excellence in quality

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